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My song "Libra" has been selected to be on "Make A Stars 5th compiliation CD, which is now avaliable for purchase from "Make A Star"
My song "Sleezy Dance" won the Lyric of
the month contest on "Broadjam" for
Dec. 07. Also my song "Not Afraid", was
forwarded through "Taxi" to the "North
Star" music library. My song "At the Edge"
made Brodjams "Michigan top 10" on
February 7th 2009

My current goal is to get my songs in the
Movies, on TV, and some good old fashion play on the airwaves.

Gary L. Olsen

Latest News

My song "Libra" has been released on
"Make A Stars 5th compiliation CD

I have been a finalist once for my song
"Songs For Me". I received a Runner up
awards for my songs "The Kiss" and "Not Afraid" and
Honorable Mentions for my songs "Libra", "The Seer", and "Sleezy Dance".in the "Song on the Year" contest, that is a sponsor of VH1's "Save the Music" program.
My song "At the Edge"
Was voted into the Michigan top 10 February
7th on Broadjam.


He?s a grizzled poet with a voice like Lou Reed mixed with Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. He?s
got the drawl of an Allman brother and the savvy of a veteran label executive. Although
?Gypsy Gary? Olsen has stepped off the road and sequestered himself in his Detroit recording
studio, his musical explorations refuse to be reined in. Now, fans and press alike are starting
to take notice.

Gypsy Gary pours his travels, trials and tribulations into his country-tinged rock. Reviewers have
compared his guitar work and arrangements to Neil Young and his vocal style to Gordon Lightfoot.
He was featured on the July 2005 cover of Downriver Review. And while they had difficulty pinning
his songs down to a specific genre, the judges of the Make a Star contest have recognized his
songs in several categories.

Gary seems to openly defy attempts at categorization. Rock and roll is always the base
(he has played in bands that opened for the likes of Ted Nugent and Bob Segar), but consider the
unexpected yet sweet string section blended into the folk/rock instrumental ?Acoustic Cruise.?
Consider also the surprising smoothness of his bittersweet ballad ?The Kiss,? with such memorable
lines as ?... I?m not into games, living with you was like livin? in an arcade.?

Wistful songs like ?Songs For Me? hearken back to his wilder days. He learned about the music
business while being signed to a recording contract with LA?s Jetspeed Records. While recording
the 2004 CD Sinners and Liars with his former band Gypsy Blood, he learned his way around a
recording studio. He learned about insuring his music equipment when a club he was playing burned
down, destroying everything but his favorite guitar. He knows that music can keep him sane through
all of life?s ups and downs (including wives, kids, and divorces).

A member of ASCAP, The Songwriters Guild of America, and The Nashville Songwriters Association,
Gary is now focusing on publishing, writing for radio and TV/film soundtracks. He publishes through his
own Gypsy Gary Publishing Company and makes most of his music available for free through his
web site (www.gypsygary.com), a generous move greatly appreciated by the many fans who sign his

Eventually, he will leave that studio. He plans on a retirement in the Caribbean.
He may have a rock and roll heart, but there may just be some Jimmy Buffet in his soul.

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