This Brooklyn Born Bajan has been makin waves since his early daze.
Started Rappin, Djing, and graf writtin' at the age of 8.
Taught by his older brother the rules of the game, it was eazy for Flip
to follow suit and started rappin and scratchin' his way to the top..
In the late 1990's Flip started to dabble in production work.. He got his
big break in 92' when he got a job at a professional Recording studio in Bowie M.D. This is where he fine tuned his beatmakin skillz and began
his worldwide quest for stardom..
Now in 2005 after mentoring many artists, producers, and Dj's,
Over 500 production credits, and his first indie realease album in 03"
( FLIP-ONE'S EVOLUTION 3 ) Flip has now graduated to film director
where his is currently working on his first film( MAN BAG ).
He also paired up wit local legend Nautica Jigg to do a massive colab
album called FIRE & ICE to be released on BLACKHOLE RECORDS late 06'.
Ceo, Producer, Director, Albany's ..1Battle Turntablist Cha

Upstates Triple Treat!!

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