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Mike L Scott
over 30 days ago to Erick McNerney

Hi Erick, thanks so much for the 5 stars, I love your work, I wish I'd written Emotional Piano! What do you use for Piano sound, I'm guessing you have a nice collection of vst pianos?

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Erick McNerney
over 30 days ago

Hey, thanks! I'm flattered to hear that :)
I think we always hear others music as better than our own in some ways - because we are so familiar with our own aesthetic. Maybe it's like listening to ourselves talk? haha Because some of yours hit me in a similar way as you describe Emotional Piano!
I've got a few piano vst lol But I do like some of the free ones. To be honest I cannot remember which one I used for that one. But judging by when I wrote it (about 5 years ago or so) it was probably one of the UVI Piano Collection ones - (I think I was partial to the fazioli or steinway they recorded.) They aren't the best pianos, but they are pretty decent for the price. So it was probably one of those. Lately I've been using the Native Instrument ones (including Unicorda at times), and XLN's Addictive Keys.

Mike L Scott
over 30 days ago

I must admit we definitely have a few tracks in the same ball park. I have a UVI vst also, and all the Native ones too, my go to has been Noire for a while, but Cinesamples Cinepiano suits my classical stuff.

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