Elliott Pritchard is a British Singer/Songwriter with more than a flavour of his Welsh roots showing through. Played on BBC radio wales, Absolute radio country, Chris Country to name a few.

If influences have to be put on show then Elliott displays a carefully selected collection of Luminaries. Bob Dylan through to Oasis. From the thoughtful through soulful to pure rocking. a Talented songwriter with carefully crafted stage skills courtesy of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Not restricted to love songs Elliott shows a mature insight into the most important questions facing young people today. With his heart in his homeland and family and a voice that perfectly frames his deeply personal songs Elliott is set to Move forward with a talent that can only grow and gro

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I'm in the middle of the process of releasing my newest single, 'River Wide, Valley Steep'. A wall of country rock all about journeying back to my hometown in the South of Wales.
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