Ducati Production was established in 1995 as a group has established it's prestige as a full fledged production company that has pulled all the stops out of traditional music placement.

Ducati Production's Prestige!

Ducati, A predestined Rapper/Producer, has been producing in and outside the state of South Carolina for 10 years and running strong. Establishing his production company in 1995/1996 He produces, engineers, writes, publishes, sells, and networks his own music and With a distinctive sound ranging from, but not limited to, hip hop, Rap, Rock, Rave & R&B, Ducati sets on making his presence worshiped in the professional music industry as hands down one of the best and arguably the best rapper/producer in the music industry!
As an artist, Ducati has become notorious for his god given talent to adapt to and sound different on any beat thrown to him, considering hisself as not one of your everyday rappers that just rides the beat. Lyrics and style are of the upmost importance to his delivery, and he boasts that you would hardly ever hear him come on two songs the same. He proclaims that he is here for music and not just a check. He also states that he could see hiself doing music at the whopping age of 90 stating " as long as I can push keys, or talk I'm going to have something to look forward to in the music industry". Growing up in the church brought alot of his harmonics to life stating that before he wrote songs about everything under the sun, he was writing a couple of gospel songs as well. That's sheds some light on his craft of lyricism, portraying the fact that he sees his music as a way to journal or jot down his life.

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