"Music is the sound of emotion. It is the sound of feeling. It is the voice of our souls. It is the door to anything and everything; the door to infinite. Music is the center of our mind, our being. It fuels one of our essential components: imagination. Without imagination, everything fails, and with failure comes destruction. Music is the opportunity to live without failure, and without destruction. It is the peace in which we crave, and it has no boundaries, no limits. Music is the cure. Let it take you."

My name is Cody and I've been producing tracks for about 8 months now and I'm lovin it. I work with an M-Audio 37-key keyboard but soon upgrading to an 88-key. The primary programs I use are Propellerhead's Reason 4.0 to record and arrange, and Pro Tools LE to mix and edit.

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Last week I got jumped and robbed. Last night I totaled my car. Goin through pretty unlucky times right now.. but at least I'm good at makin music.


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