Dave Miller was 11 years old when he fronted his first band and has been capturing the attention of audiences with his
strong vocal abilities and commanding, yet personal, stage presence ever since. A prolific songwriter, Dave also plays
guitar and piano/keyboard and has performed and recorded with various artists.Presently living in coastal New Jersey,
Dave performs mostly as a soloist on acoustic guitar.

In the early 90's, Dave released an LP entitled "Avenue of Time" consisting of ten original songs. In 1999 he
released a three song CD entitled "Why Can't Love". In May, 2000, Dave released another CD entitled
"Hues of the Average Utopian Garden" which includes eleven original songs. In October of 2003 he released
a 14 track CD entitled "Oasis in Spaces" and then in July 2005 an 11 track CD entitled "Out of Ice Land.
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