Music has been the core to my existence. It been apart of my life as far as I can remember.I love old school music from Angela Renee to S.o.s or Curtis Mayfield to Johnny Taylor.It just put me on a timeline to be in whatever mood I want to be in on that moment. Quite Naturally I feel for hip hop.I started off writing poems and then just translate my story's to rap. I was apart of the group Fatal Family which consists of Nina Ross, Matty, K -I ,Skitzlow and myself. We all went our separate ways but I feel like we will always be able to do Music together. I started my solo career just because I can't leave music along.I planned to start my own clothing line also.I have to say I came along way from the streets of Memphis but I wouldn't change my life experiences for nothing in the world. 

Sounds Like: Big krit, Yasin bey

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I just drop a new single called Top Back.Its a real laid back song.It has a chill vibe and you can't help but like the melody. 


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Clean Clean

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