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Terence Pettigrew is 19 years of age with the experince of someone twice his age. He started playing music at the tender age of 4. Starting off with " pot's and pan's" in his mother's kitchen. While enrolled in grade school he begin to play the trumpet. He played the trumpet for 2 years but later used his talent in another way. When he hit middle school he started to play the sax, but later quit because it was not his passion. Half of his 6th grade year he begin to play percussion/drum set.He never switched again. Using his gift and talent lead him to Milwaukee High School Of The Arts where he studied jazz improv. with Doug Syme. Being at Milwaukee High School Of The Arts hepled him grow in his music and find his own voice. It helped him find other ways to get out his music. he also picked up playing keybord while there. While attending there, he was offered to join MYSO, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. Playing there landed him a gig in the 2005 North Sea Jazz Festive.While over seas he toured many other cities, learning from all types of music. Most recently he now holds a a spot at CottonGin Productions in Milwaukee Wisconsin as the studio drummer and producer. He always state that " When words fail music speaks'. He lives that motto out everyday with the grace of god and the will power to go further in his music.

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