Quincy Moreland a.k.a Conte is one of the most gifted and blessed Inspirational Rappers to come out of the Sacramento area in a long time.
Since the early ninety's Conte has been perfecting his God given talents, while performing at numerous venues throughout the northern, Ca area. Conte has had the awesome privilege of working with many other Gospel artist and continues to network with others.
Currently Conte has released his first CD entitled "No Doubts No Borders". This 18 track LP is filled with uplifting and inspiring words that will lift you up and restore your faith in the Lord. Recently Conte has been featured on other compilations such as: Edifytainment Vol 1 of High Caliber Edifytainment Group; Visualize Records comp Vol 1; and also Boundless Recordz compilation Vol 1 featuring artist such as Sevin, Mr Real, Ambassador, B Wild, Sanctified Mike B and many more!
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