Clutch Royal is an Oceanside native, east coast raised, God Fearing hip-hop artist dedicated to bring Peace, Love, and Positivity. Clutch Royal began inside of the church. Hosting open mic nights with his older sister, this was the birthing grounds of who Clutch is today. It started with covers of other big hip hop artists; however Clutch’s Pastor and Godmother encouraged him to make his own music because, “His voice was meant for more than speaking what someone else said.” From there, Clutch created a mini studio with his close friends and got to work. Clutch has taken the time to understand the music at a deeper level. From a perspective that’s based on combining art, music and story telling. Breaking the mold of being vulnerable though the melodies while providing metaphorical yet relatable lyrics that capture the audience. Through growth, pain, healing and understanding Clutch Royal has taken those moments and expressed them through sound. Showing that it&rs

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My new EP entitled Summer Pack 2 is now available on all DSPs! You won't be disappointed!
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