I am a musician by hart, I love to play music!!. Born in New York city from Puertorrican parents learn to play guitar at age 6yrs. Study music in a music school in Puerto Rico, then join the US army 82nd airbone & dedicate to server our country for23yrs. now .., I just want to play my music.
"Every person has the right to have a second chance"

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In 2003 my band 'Sangre was nominated Best Salsa?Latin Production of New Mexico Music Industry Awards. In 2004 I was nominated best World Beat Production of New Mexico Music Industry .At the Really Chile Fiestas in Santa Fe, on September 18, 2004, they celebrate Carlos Santanas day, I won the look a like contest


My influences; Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Santana and of course Kiss and others...


Born in New York City, from Puertorrican parents.Study in a music school in Puerto Rico, decided to play electric guitar instead of the traditional Spanish classical & Flamenco styles. Join the US Army & after retiring decided to persue his dreams. Music...

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