Contemporary approach to traditional rock, expressively delivered with an evocative upbeat attitude.


From the blazing streets of phoenix, comes the latest in the indie music revolution. Bradley D's first EP "Pretend" is eight full minutes of classic alternative pop rock reminiscent of days when music was about more than your hair cut. This optimistic and introspective take on every young person's struggle to define their career, friends, and lovers, is sure to touch upon past experience, or current feeling.

Raised by two musicians, from a young age Bradley D watched his parents record and released their CD "Sandi Kay - 8355". From these experiences he was dedicated to succeeding as a professional Musician/Recording Engineer/Producer/Song Writer, though when faced with the reality of life in the music business he decided to take the easy way out, and become a doctor instead. Pretend was written during his first year of medical school between long hours of dissecting dead people, memorizing classes of drugs, and pretending to know what was going on. This dedication to helping others is the root of his songwriting, and will continue to grow through his career as both a musician, and a physician.

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