Black Tangerine Hits The Charts!

Black Tangerine's original music has climbed into an unprecedented four Top Ten charts on, a leading Internet portal for independent music. "Only the cream of the crop rises into the charts here at Broadjam," stated the company's CEO Roy Elkins. "And for Black Tangerine to have a presence on four of our Top Tens is a reflection of the high quality of their song, If The Rain." currently hosts over 165,000 original songs, and the company's Top Tens are driven by an automated anonymous review mechanism. Fans and musicians rate songs on originality, arrangement, lyrics, and more, and provide specific feedback. The website receives about five million page views every month and has become a favorite of indie fans seeking great underground music.

Black Tangerine Biography

The poppy, hum-inducing, delightfully danceable and retro-influenced Black Tangerine recently rose from the ashes of the prominent Portland band called Water. Now, with a slightly different lineup and a new lease on its musical life, Black Tangerine fulfills the promise of its accomplished predecessor, its muscular attitude and a shiny top-40 sound.

Black Tangerine plays simple, rather unadorned and unadulterated, good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with serious pop melodic fireworks. They combine elements as diverse as Americana, Brit Rock, power pop from the 80’s and New Wave to form a sound as ageless as it is unabashedly “retro.” Black Tangerine’s brand of rock in its purest form puts them in the same categories as similarly timeless bands as diverse as Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, The Replacements or even The Hives or The Killers. Like all those bands (many of which the members of Black Tangerine consider influences), you’ll also hear heavy reminders of early 80’s radio, with bands like The Fixx, The Tubes or Journey coming to mind.

Still, their hummable, poppy melodies stand on their own throughout time – as relevant now as it would’ve been if they had been released in any recent decades.

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