Hi there, I'm told that I'm a talented lyricist, and as such I'm looking for equally talented and serious composers/songwriters
to work with.

My lyrics cover a range of genres: Pop, Rock, Country, Ballads, Inspirational, World, Blues and beyond, e.g. there's some Reggae and Hip-Hop in the mix as well.

Sample lyrics can be viewed at:
If you are interested in any of these lyrics please e-mail me regarding availability. Please click on BIO on that site for full info. if interested in collaborating.

NB Songs listed here on Broadjam are rough DEMO'S of songs written with others, and sung by others.

I'm a member of APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) and the International Songwriters Association.

Latest News

I received a semi-finalist placing in 2007 UK Songwriting Contest with "Is There Anybody There?" Listed here.

I have lyrics available NOW in a range of genres:- Pop, Rock, Country, Ballad, Inspirational, World plus other possibilities e.g. there's a Hip-Hop and a Reggae in the mix as well.
Songwriters,composers,producers interested in these and in collaborating, PLEASE click on BIO this page, for lyric examples and full information.

Lyrics That Sing

I'm a lyricist writing in a range of genres: Pop, Rock, Country, Ballad, Inspirational, World, Hip-Hop,Reggae,and other possibilities.

Lyrics can be seen at:
Please read BIO there for full information.

I'm looking to write/co-write songs that are of high commercial value.
Are you a talented composer/song-writer? Interested in the possibility of collaborating?

I'd like to work with composers/songwriters
who can sing (or know someone who can) with the facilities to record demo songs.
If the quality is high enough, this may be suitable for Demo purposes i.e. to send to publishers/artists etc.
Otherwise, we may need to consider having a Pro-demo made, if we agree that the song has real potential.

It would probably be best starting on a one song, one-off basis to begin with, to see how we go.

I would'nt want to waste your time or mine, if either of us felt the need to discontinue, at any time. The reasons don't matter as long as we let each other know.

If either of us feel that a song is not working, or don't wish to take it any further at some point that's O.K. This should not rule out the possibility of trying other songs.

**We simply need to agree that in such a case, we are free to use our respective lyric and melody any other way we wish.

**To help protect any finished songs, for both of us, I believe it is essential to complete a simple Partnership Agreement Form. Usually based on a 50/50 split regarding any royalties.
The International Songwriters Association, of which I am a member, has a simple but effective form that can used for this purpose. We would of course copyright any completed songs/demos.
NB. It is important to me that we agree on the two points ** above.

My general music interests cross film/ musicals/stage shows, light classical, instrumental, to artists & bands past & present.

I'm a member of the ISA (International Songwriters Association) and APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association).

Our songs have to be very good, to stand any chance of success, before they are pitched to anyone. I study my craft, try to learn from the Pro's and continuously work at improving my writing. This is why I need quality composers -songwriters to work with.

In case that sounds a bit 'heavy' I'm a fairly laid back guy who enjoys writing in many areas, and has a good sense of humour.

I do believe that we both need to be sure that a song is completely finished, that we're totally happy with it, and that it is (of course) hit material!

If you are interested in collaborating, please let me know what YOUR ideas are, your musical influences and preferences. What instrument/s you play, and any recording facilities you may use. Plus any questions you may have & whatever else you want to say!

When you find a suitable lyric that you would like to compose a melody to, (links below) please e-mail me first. I have a few completed song Demo's here created with other collaborators. These are rough demos at present, requiring additional improvements to be made.

Contact me at: billyross@xtra.co.nz *Please put 'song writing' in the subject box.

Happy songwriting! & best wishes,
Billy Ross.

Lyrics can be seen at:
Please read BIO there.

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Harry Findenig
over 30 days ago to Billy Ross

hello hello:-)

2 Replies
Billy Ross
over 30 days ago

Hi Harry, just received a very short message from you! Saying "hello hello:)" it's still good to hear from you anyway. I didn't know you were on Broadjam before this, so had a look at your home page. You have a great selection of songs and music there. I listened to a few and like these a lot, you are a very versatile singer/songwriter and musician. I noticed that you have 'our' song 'She's In Love (With Me) up there and I love what you have done with that. Can you please send me an MP3 of that? and I can add it to my Broadjam and other sites too. I haven't written anything new recently, but my lyrics are still up on my blogpost site at www.the-write-page.blogspot.com and I have of course lots of ideas for others if I can get back into the writing groove. Best wishes to you. Billy

Harry Findenig
over 30 days ago

Reply is on your xtra mailbox:-)

Billy Ross
over 30 days ago to Billy Ross

Why is it that when I click on any Genre listed, I either get a page filled with complete gobbledegook or nothing? I'm particularly interested in what if anything is listed under 'Spoken Word'? The same applies when clicking on any country listed under Local Scene, another page of gobbledegook or nothing. What's going on?

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