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Bill Lauderbach

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Songs inducted into the AiiRadio Hall of Fame...
SHE'S DANCIN' AGAIN (Lauderbach)
I MISS MY TRUCK (Lauderbach)
THESE ARE MY SHOES (Lauderbach/Halls)
JERSEY SHORE (Lauderbach/Loveless)
GOD PAVES THE ROAD (Lauderbach/Loveless)

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Bill Lauderbach

Bill Lauderbach is an award-winning songwriter. His music has received airplay around the world and his songs have been recorded by top Indie artists in the US, Germany and the UK. Five of Bill's songs have been inducted into the Artists International Independent Radio Hall of Fame. A native of Philadelphia, Bill now splits his time between Nashville, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and Cape May, New Jersey.

Bill credits his parents for his early love of music. At age five his mom and dad gave him what he calls "the best Christmas gift ever". It was an RCA Victor 45RPM record player. Does anyone remember record players or 45RPM records? He recalls playing Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" over and over that year. His record collection eventually grew to include Fats Domino, Sinatra, Ray Charles, Armstrong, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan. He was influenced by all of them. But, it was Dylan who Bill identifies as the artist that got him writing at age thirteen. In fact, a few years later, Bill attended his first live concert... Bob Dylan and the Band at the Academy of Music in Philly. Later, as a young adult, Bill's songwriting was greatly influenced by such diverse writers as Paul Williams, Johnny Cash, Lionel Richie and Leonard Cohen.

Even though he experienced early songwriting success, life took Bill in a different direction. While raising a family, he made his living as a successful business consultant. He never stopped writing, but he did it pretty much for his own enjoyment. He has notebooks filled with lyrics and a PC full of songs. After all these years Bill made the decision to make songwriting his priority. Following several visits to Nashville, songwriting is now his full-time passion and his full-time job.

Bill Lauderbach is now a highly acclaimed country songwriter. He has written an impressive stream of original songs. His music touches every part of the human experience. His lyrics come from the heart. Loren Weisman, an accomplished music producer and consultant, had this to say about Bill's music. "There is a simplicity that draws the ear while being cradled with a gentle melody and lyrics that are reminiscent of the old storytellers. Bill is a songwriter that anyone can connect with, even if you are not a fan of country music". Bill is a member of the ASCAP, Songwriters Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Songwriters Guild of America.

Despite his busy songwriting career, Bill makes time to be very involved with community and charity organizations. As tournament director, Bill organized the Ron Simpson Memorial Golf Tournament. The annual charity event raised awareness and money to help organizations working with young people in recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions. The tournament ran for fourteen consecutive years. After the final event Bill was elected to the Board of Directors at the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) and is now Music Industry Adviser to the association. ARS advocates for the promotion, strengthening, and expansion of secondary and post-secondary school programs designed for students committed to their recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions. Bill also created a website to help organizations involved with cancer research and patient care. WhyNotToday.org was established shortly after Bill and co-writer Mike McGinty wrote the song WHY NOT TODAY?, which has been played around the world and has become an anthem for cancer research. The website offers free downloads of the song to individuals supporting cancer research and patient care organizations.

Beyond songwriting, Bill enjoys listening to music from all genres... new artists and the old classics, especially when those classics are on vinyl. Being an Aquarian he spends as much time as he can at the ocean. Bill is a long-time golfer and is an avid fan of Philadelphia's pro sports teams. He and his wife, Barbara, reside in Cape May, New Jersey.


Rob Cariddi
over 30 days ago to Bill Lauderbach

Great work here !! Good Luck & God Bless !!

Micheal Lee Collins
over 30 days ago to Bill Lauderbach

Wow! Are you there God? Great stuff. If a song does nothing more than move somebody out there, this song is a success. I'm sure it's gonna do more than that. Love that organ back there. Awesome stuff sir!

1 Replies
Bill Lauderbach
over 30 days ago

Thank you, my friend.

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Bill Lauderbach

Hi Bill thanks for a glowing review of "One Nation Under a Fool" !!!

Nice job on "These are My Shoes" !

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