-Bend "Asylum Bedlam" was
born 04.05. ..2007 in..
Vodice (Croatia). Today bend counts 5 members:....

Uther(Keyboards),Toxic Steam(Guitar),Frane(Bass,Backvocal) and Dopa(Drums).....

We play dark and
Energetic Music with electronic influence and our inspiration usually ....

comes form our
inner voices.....

-We play Original
music but we keep ourselves close to some rims and we can say that our stile is
influenced by the bands of industrial,Ghotic and shock rock scenes. Asylum is
ready to take Part of the Cookie called world scene which is ours by Right!....

Latest News

Search for our debut album"Magna Mana Fetish" on:iTunes,Napster,ISound,Rhapsody,Amazon etc.
Following up with promotional tourney,Europe & Usa.
Looking For More Gigs!!!

The Unrelenting Force (un) Known

Hailing from Vodice (Croatia), Asylum Bedlam uses introspection and electronic elements to create a unique mix of Goth, Industrial, and Metal. Incorporating a wide variety of genres gives Asylum Bedlam an unrestricted and completely original sound. Their debut release titled "Magna Mana Fetish" continues to grow in popularity worldwide.Casting a wide net and appealing to various listeners may be the reason for their snowballing popularity.
The unrelenting force known as Asylum Bedlam was originally formed 05-05-2007
Band Members: Psych0active (Lead Vocals,) Mental_Uther (keyboard) Toxic Steamer(L.guitar) Mr.Deflorator(Bass Guitar) Electric Fetus (Drums)
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  • Member Since: 2009


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Asylum Bedlam
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the info,talk to you soon!!!Greetings!

Patty Boss
over 30 days ago to Asylum Bedlam

hey, did you see the black sabbath Taxi listing? some of your tracks would be perfect - it's for TV licensing, not sure if expired by now, but i wish you all success.

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