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AsWeDream music soars with strong melodies, creative chord progressions, and solid grooves that ignite your spirit. When these essential songwriter/composer elements are present, genre is secondary and flexible.

We aim to tap into your heart and soul with original music grown from the 60s/70s golden age of rock and pop. This is music that brims with creative, adventurous exploration, while tastefully blending in many other pre and post influences.

Surpassing limits and labels, AsWeDream music continually evolves to embrace new inspiration with eclectic distinction.

Sounds Like: Steely Dan, The Beatles

Latest News

Be on the lookout for As We Dream, the introduction.
Your link to this first unveiling lands January 4.
Please listen some seconds to absorb bliss.
The plan: release one piece a week.
Early each Friday afternoon.

To increase ecstasy, share with others.
We're moving into infinity now.
Releasing shackles as able.
Opening heart minds.
Revealing truth.
Being one.

*Neo-retro pop rock to inspire*

AsWeDream is a father-son production partnership.

Dad (Mike) oversees the process with musical vision, songwriting, and guitar. His decades of maestro discipline in pop and rock performance propel the creative production.

Son (Jordan) handles all technical aspects of recording and mixing, most drumming, and additional creativity to concoct the optimal end product.

* * * * *

Mike Ososki

At age 7, Ed Sullivan's Beatles set Mike's life course on that fateful February evening in 1964. Ever since, through many 1000s of songs and dozens of bands, he's been striving to compose powerfully heartfelt and sophisticated songs of simply complex music to inspire your potent emotions. Mike's other top favorites include Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, and A.C. Jobim's gentle, poignant and bittersweet compositions. More current guiding stars are Foo Fighters, Cake, and Nirvana. A kindred spirit of free and graceful precision sources from years of dedication to the craft--plus Mike maintains a big, kind and open heart.

Jordan Ososki

Following in Dad's footsteps, Jordan was inspired to play guitar at age 13 when he saw Billie Joe Armstrong in Green Day's Basket Case video on MTV. He later took to drums and playing in bands. Through countless hours of methodical study, research and experimentation, Jordan has now achieved an appreciable ability as an audio engineer, mixer, and co-producer. He is the primary technical force assisting Mike to manifest his original music visions for the world to enjoy.


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