Alyssa Jacey is releasing what feels like her millionth song, on 4/3/12. "Gush," being her actual fourth "single release" on iTunes, also would have been a part of her sixth album in eight years! Would have been, meaning, instead of releasing "On The Spot," she decided to release her newest 10 songs one at a time, as singles, to keep giving her fans something new all year long. As a songwriter for more than 9 years, Alyssa now has built a massive repertoire of over 250 originals, in multiple genres, 40-50 of them already recorded, a couple getting weekly airplay from radio stations across the U.S.

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Alyssa Jacey
over 30 days ago to Alyssa Jacey has been updated! Hope you check it out! BTW...Happy Memorial Day and the biggest, most enthusiastic and loving thank you to all the troupes and their families!

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