Alise is a singer/songwriter with a passion for writing and singing beautiful music. She prefers a feminine and poetic spin on her songs, loves harmony, and likes her lyrics to be 'food for thought'. Her ambitious nature and unveiled talent make her an asset to the music industry. Throughout her life, music has been a constant. She's been working as a one-woman entertainer in various clubs playing her keyboard and entertaining audiences with her sweet, and mysterious nature. With a vocal range of over three ocaves, and a music genre ranging from pop/rock to alternative, she has a wide range of appeal for many age groups. Her influences include the Beatles, Olivia Newton-John, Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLaughlan, and Dido. She is gathering a new group together and plans to continue pursuing her dream to be a recording artist. She is currently selling many copies of her new demo entitled 'Caged'. Her fan base continues to grow. She recently won as a finalist in the local SW Fl Idol Conte

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In my hometown, Plattsburgh, NY, they published an article about my Soldier's Song on Thanksgiving, 2003, which I just re-released for Iraq in the War on Terror. Some press recently when I became a finalist in the SW FL Idol contest put on by a local radio station this last May.

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Depends on the song..some say Madonna, others say Sarah McLaughlan, Dido...
I say me...


Beatles, Cranberries, Sarah McLaughlan, Six Pence None the Richer, Enya, and of course, Madonna....Dido, and Pink, I love Stevie! (Nicks)


I am a singer/songwriter. Creating songs and singing is my passion. I am just now putting in a full fledge effort to pursue my dream. My past accomplishments include local studio work, local club gigs, and various local releases. I was a finalist in SW Fl. Idol contest this past year. Currently, I am building a fan base, and selling copies of my new demo CD entitled CAGED. After being in fly-by-night bands, I play out solo with my keyboard and back-up tracks. I enjoy beautiful keyboard driven music, dance and ballads. I live in an area dominated with senior citizens, and 40+, so finding local gigs isn't easy. I don't exactly fit the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle they want to offer in the clubs. I can definately re-locate!!

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