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Founder of Airmodular, Cy Donovan's innovative bass work for the bands "Paint" and "Aerovox" revealed his potential as a creative artist. The popularity of those bands led to a sizable fan base. Aerovox was fortunate enough to play at CBGB"s in its last month of operation. They will always be a part of rock and roll history. But there was always a struggle for creative control amongst his band mates in this his formative stage. As with most bands the struggle led to an exploration of individual projects and breakup. Now unshackled by the creative restraints of his former mates he has released an outstanding EP, "Fallen In The Void". This stylistically eclectic group of songs marks a transition in Cy's songwriting career Cy was a child of the post punk exploration of inner space. No longer saying f**k you to the world, the bands, like Joy Division, Echo and the Bunny Men, the Psychedelic Furs or the Smiths, that influenced his early career were seeking a different type of spirituality. It was not utopia. It was not an ideal. It was not something lurking in the unconscious. It was the spirituality of the void. Now Cy integrates that spirituality into new genres of music.

But is the void a desirable place to be? Cy explores both the negative and positive aspects of that place he both desires and fears. In the first cut on his EP "Living Another Year" Cy expresses lyrically the dark lure of the void. It is an ode to the suicidal as he pleads, "I continue to sleep my life away" yet the music betrays this darkness and evokes what could be his salvation. With the haunting other wordly voice of Sueyoung Yoo the song creates a spiritual space that drifts above the abyss of Cy's feelings. Following that comes, "Turn My Life Around" an uplifting song with a pounding electro beat. It was inspired by the attempt of escort, Alexandra Dupree, to have a musical career after swapping spit with Spitzer. The next cut, "Drug Store Days" is about the Rock and Roll void; it recalls the sleepless days of drug intake by his former band mates. It is here where Sue moans as the void swallows her whole. The last two songs on the EP are special. In "Time for A Smoke" the mix of the organic with the electronic creates a chill that doesn't compromise. It is here where the spirtuality of Cy's music is expressed explicity as a state of mind and the void becomes not something to be feared but invited. The finale, "The Words Are Lovely" is a song about a man writing his own Eulogy giving his approval of the form if not the content of that life. It is the ultimate acceptance of the ultimate void but also it is an affirmation of all that comes before the sleep of sleeps. Producer DJ Ryan Rogalski has skillfully mixed the EP, manipulating vocals and instrumentals to create a musical journey. Rogalski even contributed his own guitar work on "The Words Are Lovely".

Cy's songs just keep getting better. I can't wait to hear more.


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