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Achrijoli has made quite a name for herself... Since 2009 Achrijoli has been cultivating her fan base, and has gained
reverence in over 109 different countries via her YouTube videos
Known for her phenomenal cover songs, Achrijoli has recently released her first
single "Control" from her debut album "Coming To The Stage..." which she wrote, produced, and performed!
Achrijoli's hit single"Control" debuted at #2 on the JamWave Electronica chart;then shot to #1
which has earned her placement in the top 10 spot on the American Top 50 chart! Although "her debut album is still in
production, "Coming To The Stage..." is in high demand in many places across the world, such as, Brazil,
Germany, London, France, and of course the United States! So stay on the look out for more on Achrijoli and the
release of her debut album entitled, "Coming To The Stage..."!

Latest News

• My hit debut single "Control" Has been at #1 on the JamWave Electronica chart for two weeks.

•"Control" is currently ranked in the Top 10 spot on the JamWave American Top 50 chart.
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