"The Kid" is really Billy Lee Cooper, who is a Country music songwriter that has written numerous songs and published poems, thus having the innate knack for completing lyrics very quickly, but with unique rhyme and meaning! An MBA graduate that works as a corporate executive, while balancing his life with the beauty of good 'ol American Country music!

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2nd place in Atlanta Song Writers contest
1st place in poetry contest

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Influenced by the simplicity of Hank, Jr's songs, along with the beauty of Garth Brook's songs' meanings! Started out writing poems for loved one's that had died, & were often read at the funerals!


Grew up in Union City, Tennessee listening to Hank Williams, SR and local country bands at barn dances. Song writer who learned to play guitar at 12, and grew to love country music even more after finding out Hank, Jr also knew a couple of my old girlfriends very well:>) An MBA grad that works as a corporate executive in Michigan, but still likes to rock to the beat of great country music!

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