94 Down is here to make a change to the Texas music scene; to bring good music to the masses!

94 Down Bio.

94 Down started with one purpose in mind, to bring great music to the masses. "We really love what we do," says Aaron Smith (lead guitar). ..Some people just don't take us seriously because we are all in high school, but trust me, we are the real deal. We take music very seriously. We are very dedicated to putting out great music and putting on great shows."
94 Down (based in New Braunfels, Texas) began in February 2006. The only two members were Sam Furman (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Aaron. They would play a lot of covers, from bands like American Hi-Fi, Blink-182, and lot of other bands. Then one day, Sam had come up with some great song ideas, and then the band began to take a more serious turn. "We were looking to become a more serious, original band, not just a cover band," says Sam. That became evident when Aaron also came up with some great song ideas.
94 Down's first few gigs (with their old drummer and guitarist) were them just doing covers. "We just hadn't matured yet," Aaron says. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I really like doing covers, but to make it as a band today, originality sells. You need to have a lot of original songs."
94 Down has played various venues in Austin, New Braunfels and San Antonio in their young career. They have played with bands such as: One Minute Halo, Structure, Dawn Over Zero, Glass Intrepid, Advent, Strongpoint, and many other bands.
They have made friends with the owner of a great studio in Austin called 5th Street Studios. They have recorded two demos, and are going to work on their EP in early to mid 2007.
94 Down has a full line of merchandise and a rapidly growing fan base. The rest of the bands consist of Travis Krueger on bass and Jason Langone on drums. When asked about their genre, Aaron has a wide variety of responses. "We could come out and do a song that shows our Blink-182 and American Hi-Fi influences. Then we could come out a do a song that shows our alternative rock, like Taproot and Chevelle, influences. It's hard to say what band we resemble. As of today, we lean towards the alternative rock side."
Be ready, Texas. 94 Down plans on making a huge impact in Texas music scene!

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