fuzzy guitars, atmospheric sounds, and powerfully melodic vocals

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Marc DelChiaro - guitar, back up vocals
Andrew Dibben - drums
Michael Hernandez - bass
Jason Mahon - guitar, lead vocals

7th Standard is a Sacramento based band that has spent 5 years honing and shaping their sound into a unique blend of fuzzy guitars, atmospheric sounds, and powerfully melodic vocals. The band’s sound has been described as rock music that “hits you in waves and demands your attention”, where every emotion is heard and felt. If you have listened to the cds or caught a live show, you’ve witnessed all the work and energy put into each song.

Formed in 1995, the band consists of Jason Mahon handling lead vocals and guitar, Michael Hernandez on bass, Andrew Dibben on the drum kit, and newest member Marc DelChiaro also on guitar and back up vocals. Growing up listening to tunes by Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Failure, and Hum, these four guys developed a way to create a brand of abrasive melodies they could call their own.

7th Standard’s debut self titled E.P. was released in May 1999 and received enthusiastic reviews in local and regional publications. This recording opened people’s ears to what 7th Standard had to contribute to the Sacramento music scene.

In late November 1999 their first full length album In Orbit Around Us was released on Ultraphonic Noise Records. On this recording the band was able to experiment a little more with their sound, resulting in a heavy, yet melodic album. In Orbit Around Us also received positive reviews and left people w

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