610 is a Singer/Songwriter expressing his thoughts in music and melody, incorporating elements of different genres and periods of Rock music. I consider it Alternative! Let's give it a listen...

610 - The Music

610 is the dream of singer/songwriter Anthony, to create/record/produce a collection of songs in a professional manner. What does this mean? After years of writing, this means arranging my best songs, recording them in a professional studio and producing a CD - with real artwork!

This multi-year effort is called Changing Vibrations and all of these songs are very personal and expose my soul to the world (not always in the most direct way though). I consider these songs Alternative, but I did experiment with a few different styles because I appreciate variety.

Please explore the different sections of my site, primarily the song streams, to experience my musical experience.

Though this is a solo project, it wouldn't have been possible without my cast of friends in the music industry!

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