4 Aspirin Morning (affectionately known by their fans as "4AM") is a 7-piece party rock outfit hailing from Madison, WI. Their sound borrows from punk, hard rock, ska and pop, delivering hook-heavy songs with as much force and dedication as an oncoming freight train.

True-to-form punk rock drumming reigns in what sounds like a Motown session bassist tripping on acid, while stellar guitar work appeases any rock and roll fan within earshot.

Live shows are fueled by the over-the-top enthusiasm of the band's frontman, Whatever Chandon Calls Himself, as well as their three-piece horn line, who you will regularly find playing out in the crowd instead of behind a microphone.

4 Aspirin Morning is a veritable keg party-cum-rock band -- one you have to experience but definitely don't want to clean up after.

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