Anthony Smith A/K/A <B.Smooth Grew up the second child, oldest boy of 4 other siblings With both parents in the home he grew up in Baton Rouge, LA, under strict disciplinary rules. B.Smooth attributes his discipline to hardworking ethics as a recording professional. “My dad was the more disciplinary authority figure than my mom” Because of this background I was taught the ethics if manhood, which is the key to success as an adult and the value of family. It also molded my work ethics.”

B.Smooth’s journey in the music world started at the age of 13. That’s when he started his first rap group, after hearing one of his favorite MC’s, Curtis Blow. The song was IF I RULED THE WORLD. B.smooth has come a long was since those days as he uses his love for poetry to help his songwriting

Ground Up Recordz Inc.

Ground Up Recordz Inc. founder and owner George H. Moore, started embarking on something that has everyone waiting in line to become a part of! A major independent label for the artist that allows the artist be the artist. All parts of this label have complete control of their companies while working with other companies that have the same objectives and goals for it's future! Its' founders believe that the basic premise is that your words must match your actions and be good and true. You should be saying something when you're saying something.
For Ground Up Recordz Inc we think that music should not just be for music's sake. We do not believe in art for art's sake. We believe that music should be what it was intended to be originally. The universal language to which is to inspire people and allow others to express them selves using the gift that was given to them, MUSIC!


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