40X Cowboy Band covers many genres that can be called cowoby music. From Roy Rogers to Chris LeDoux and all stops in-between. Rock and Roll Rodeo.

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My brother, Brian Bower who plays drums with the Austin Creek Band, has graciously been helping me with the recordings for The 40X Cowboy Band album. As of yet we are still working on the album and planning to upgrade the vocals. We should have a fine product soon.

Vance Bower

Vance Bower

Vance is the lead gutiar and one of the songwriters of the band. We call him "Cowboy", because that's just what he is; he is a real cowboy. He has a college degree to prove it.

Vance hails from Virginia and has been to at least twenty other states, including Texas, Kansas, California and Missouri. He reminds us that there are cows and cowboys in every county in the United States.

Besides his expertise with horses and livestock, he also has quite a knack for playing the guitar, which if you listen to our songs you will notice the smooth, sassy licks of this guitarist in all 40X music.Vance has a passion for fine horses and fine guitars. His favorite two guitars are the Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Telecaster.

He also has a passion for fine cowboy hats and the Resistol 40X Black Gold is his favorite. Hence, the name 40X Cowboy Band.

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40X Cowboy Band
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Hello, all you cowboys out there. I've been working on Gospel music and trying to get the songs recorded. That doesn't mean I've given up Cowboy music, it just means I believe in Christ and want to play some of that sweet Gospel music. It all ties in with our agenda here at 40X Cowboy land. It's still Cowboy with a religious touch.

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