3 feet up wants you to think for yourself. Husband & wife Chris & Victoria Hardy write songs that encourage individual thought that remind the listener of artists like R.E.M., Cake, XTC, Barenaked Ladies and then some.

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our third cd "rock and flower" on sale oct. 1, 2008 - see our website www.3feetup.com


3 feet up is an acoustic Pop/Folk duo made up of husband Chris Hardy (Guitars, vocals & bass) and wife Victoria Hardy (Drums & vocals). The couple started playing music together after Victoria's 18 year old son Steven was killed in a roadside "freak" accident. Music just seemed like a good way to deal with his death, and a wonderful vehicle for spreading something positive into the world. Prior to 3 feet up, Chris had been immersed in music since 1978 and had done and played just about everything. By contrast, Victoria had never played any kind of instrument before April 4, 2004! She started learning very quickly how to play drums and 3 feet up played their first show 60 days later. Since then, they've played at least twice a week and as many as five nights a week all over Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (Hard Rock Cafe Boston), and currently North Carolina.

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