Hello there folks,

We are a group of young ambitious and jovial nimrods. We love music, videos, music videos, and videos about music. We also do a lot of stuff with music. Most of our stuff is electronic but we also runs studio so we work with so many different genres there is no way to say who is and isn't doing what for who. We love to play, we love to work. Our group here at 3/6\9 Studios as House Band consists of Cale Haren and Kevin Wenger.

Both men are lover's of all things musical. Cale is head of production and development, Kevin is our resident Master of Engineering. He is a phenomenal engineer and an even more amazing artist. His acumen for audio composition is amazing. Just don't ask him to tell you how to do what he does. He doesn't talk as much as Cale.

Latest News

We recently added a new artist to our rosters. We would like to welcome Mike T. aka TAZ to the band. He is a talented vocalist and a inspirational writer.
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