The duo 2WON,started their career professionally in 1998 as trio called 3PPLE b.comprising the twince Peter and Paul E MARTINS now 2WON and their third partner who took his exit to begin his solo career.2WON has since released two singles in the Nigerian market, The duo, have worked with quite a number of successful Nigerian and International artists.

Their most memorable momment was the performance they had at the last mega jam which the American top star JA rule and the Jamaican regea star Kelvin lyttle aIso performed in Lagos NIGERIA december 2005.

Their new single VIRGIN GIRL is currently on heavy rotation airplay in the Nigerian fm radio stations and at the number 3 spot on the POP and RnB chart.2WON are currently on the AIDS awearnes concert tour,parckeged by society for family haelth [SFH].Their kind of music is called COLOURS an expression of their versatility in the world of POP, HIPHOP R N B and so on ,The duo write all their songs and have in their kitty enough songs
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