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Remix of (Beat Catalogue 1) Coming out by November or 2004!
Also working on New solo Gospel Hip Hop album (The Staight Out) available in November 2004 also online and in some stores!

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None, I was created unique and wonderfully and my writing and production comes out the same. Just being what I was created to be and doing what I was created to do.


My influence first came from the assistant manager who introduced me to Gospel Hip Hop. Also the world of artist inticipates me to do music. A lot of people don't under stand music or where it comes


Daimian R. Edwards A.K.A. (Melek ) which means of royalty is no joke when it comes to song writing and making beats. His inspiration comes from God and nothing else.

Lived in Freehold NJ for 11 years of his life and moving to Lakewood NJ. It was a big move but the right one. He met an assistant manager at KFC at age 16. Him and the assistant manager became good friends and the assistant manager introduced him to Gospel Hip Hop. From there on He's been living for Christ and the Lord blessed him with an ability to write songs and produce music for the Lord in the result of spreading the Gospel of Christ to all nations. If you don't work with this brother your Crazy!!!!

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