Massey's only Hip Hop Hope. Born and raised in Massey, this emcee prides himself on being a 'gutter emcee'. The self proclaimed Face of 'West Auckland's Dirty Diamonds' is not just another rapper who happens to record songs. His approach on Hip Hop is left field and by no means following any trends. With a solid flow and a punch you in the jaw style delivery, combine that with mind twisting, thought provoking lyrics, 2Keans music is not to be overlooked.2Kean got his first taste of fame after writing a song in 2002 called 'Poetic karma' which he then recorded and sent to an label in America, who were taking submissions for unsigned emcees to get a chance to feature on there release in efforts to help unknown rappers get exposure. 2Kean was the only artist out side of America who feature on the CD. Following this success 2Kean was interviewed by both 'The Aucklander' and 'Western Leader' newspapers.Giving 2kean the taste of recording he went on to setup his own budget studio and started writing and recording his music. After gathering a small collection of songs he released a street level CD that in his own words was 'garbage'. He admits he was too excited and just wanted people to hear his music without taking time to sit back and master his craft.In 2005 he teamed up with West Auckland emcee Misc and started work on a collaboration Mix tape called 'Before And After'. Independently funded and distributed the pair handed out 500 CD's for free. 2Kean feels the CD done what it was spose to but feels a lot of the content went over the heads of most fans.After the release of 'Before and After' 2kean caught the buzz of giving people quality music to listen to and went straight to work, writing and recording. With an archive of over 80 songs sitting ready to be sorted through and used for another release, the studio hard drive crashed and he lost all his work. On top of that 2kean was going through a lot of trouble with the law and was fighting an up hill battle to try get back into a position to be able to get back to business and start work on new music.Now, in 2009, 2kean is working on his second street level release and is more focused than ever. 100% independent 2kean has learned a lot in the short time hes been involved in the music industry and it looks like he has the right tactics in order to succeed.Stay posted for info on the release date as well as previews from the CD.

2004 - RV Mixtape
2004- Scott Eti (UK) Mixtape Feature
2006 - Before and After Mixtape
2010 - Straight Jacket (coming soon)
2003- Rv Hip Hop Featured Artist (Website)
2005 - Western Leader (newspaper)
2005 - The Aucklander (Newspaper)


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