2MCH4YA Records, LLC. is an Orlando, Fl based independent record label started by artist "Ariana". Ariana remained on the broadjam charts during market testing and charted extremely well. Now with the signing of hot rap sensation "2RISE" to her independent label, 2MCH4YA Records is poised to make a lot of noise in the music industry.

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If this were the late 1800's, Ariana would have easily filled any music hall with her engaging and sultry voice. Through observation and self expression, her singing and song writing would help to illuminate and uplift the universal human condition of that period. She feels that her soul is "old" and she taps into this infinite resource to reach all people with her music.

Utilizing the respective genre's of R&B, hiphop, and pop music, she sings across the generation gap. Older generations appreciate the substance of her music, middle generations appreciate the style of her music, and her generation can definitely feel the "flava." She is a 15 year old in touch with everyone.

As a 12 year old in Alabama, she defied the odds and reached across racial boundaries with a soulful acapella rendition of "His eye is on the Sparrow" to win her age group in a mall talent contest. At 14, she wowed an audience of over 2000 people with her primary and encore perforances in the "Carnival Legends Show" aboard the Carival cruise ship "Fantasy". She was given first place. Her classical training has been a great asset.

Currently, she is in the studio working on her promo package with producer, Scott Andrews of SkaDot Music out of Platinum Unity studios. Scott has worked with numerous industry insiders. In particular, he has worked with artist's JOE, OLIVIA, and the TEMPTATIONS, just to name a few. Scott has stated that he is amazed at Ariana's patience in the studio and at ho

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