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28 Daze are a five piece rock band from Los Angeles. Bassist Bob Sims and singer Jason Bergs started out writing tunes in Bob's home studio, before actually putting the band together. "We both shared the same musical influences, and wrote what came naturally," says Bob. The result was a classic rock & roll sound with a somewhat bluesy backbone. A style that really enhances the powerful southern influenced sound of Jason Bergs. "The communication was excellent from the start," recalls Jason. "We would share ideas, and work them out together to build a song. It was creative, as well as fun." With a foundation and format set, drummer Mitch Schwartzbach and guitarist Scott Buffington joined the group. "I'd jammed with Scott before in other projects, and always love his style and sound," says Bob. "He's a good friend and a great player." Billy Golacinski later joined to round out the band. The five are currently playing the local L.A. club scene, and recording new music.

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