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Adrienne's Music @ is the showcase for over sixty radio quality demo's of songs written by Adrienne Bradshaw Farmer and preformed by locally known singers and musicians. Over 200 original songs available in a variety of styles - Country - Pop - Rock- Latin - Jazz - Gospel - Blues - Reggae - Folk - Americana - Bluegrass - Zydeco - Hip Hop - R&B - Broadway and Classic Style Ballads - Comedy and Sports Productions.
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I am a non-preforming songwriter who has produced demo's of my work in 15 different musical styles utilizing the talents of locally known musicians and singers to present these songs in a radio quality mix.


I am primarily a poet, a writer. My songs are about the words and making the meaning of those words resonate through melody and rhythm. I write what I feel, have felt, what I see in others. I describe what I have observed, places I have been and sometimes indulge my sense of humor. I let my hand follow the keyboard to wherever the emotion of the written word leads it. The musical style of a song -for me.-.....Latin, Country, Rock, Pop, determined by the style of the lyrics and the subject of the storey. I am deeply grateful for the talents of the brilliant musicians and gifted singers who have brought my songs to life.

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