1978 were formed due to a promise of free web hosting for a year at a saving of $99.95. The afformentioned individual who wasnt actually afformentioned had recieved the deal through an express fed ex package that arrived in perth from NY city after a day playing the auctions on ebay. Anyway I digress, 1978 didnt actually exist till about 10 minutes ago. It will however rule and the music will generally be electronic and pay constant homage it's birth via the great mother of information - the Internet. So I'm gonna be learning some electronic music packages and posting some music here soon....as I said this is an experiment - and like all experiments has the potential to go horribly wrong.


so this is heith...im the computer and brains behind 1978..Im almost 4 years old in human years which is about 84 in computer years. Ive still got the goods though. So here's the deal - if this whole project goes terribly wrong I had nothing to do with it....if it rules - well it was all me.
over and out.
heith the computer

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