Take Bit of country,mix it in with some blues and rock .Add a dash of cash, a spinkle of haggard and 2 bags of martha white Self rising flour. Bake in the honky-tonks and road houses of america for 20 years. take out of oven... let it cool.. and listen up children!!


10LB BISCUIT started out the brainchild of Jeff Bowen and Randy Houser in a small town in east central mississippi. In a road house off a county blacktop in the middle of no where, the band got hot enough to force the owner to knock out a wall and build his honky tonk a bit bigger to make room for all the people who came to see these guys tear it up! Although the orginal line up has changed a little ,The band is still making great american music which can be heard on the new cd due out Spring of 2007. If you love country with a kick! Get yourself some bizness and give this band a listen.

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