10 Heads High is a rock band that utilizes melody and dynamics to accomplish a sound truly unique. This band was formed in Queens, New York in 2001 and recorded their debut album "From Here To Tupelo" in the summer of 2002. "Tupelo" was recorded at world class New York City studios The Hit Factory and Sound On Sound by Producers Claudius Mittendorfer (Eagle-Eye Cherry, Dream Theater) and Bart Migal (Mya, Jessica Simpson). In addition to national college radio airplay, the first single, Evolution Queen, achieved steady rotation on New Jersey's most listened to mainstream rock station, WDHA reaching #2 most played during summer of 2003 on a play list monopolized by major label artists. Quickly outgrowing the New York City club scene, 10 Heads High has plans of touring the U.S. and Europe in 2004.

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New York is known for bringing new music to the masses, and part of what makes the city’s mammoth music scene so special is finding undiscovered gems like 10 Heads High. They prove it in ten tracks. - Jason Janik, Harder Beat

How are you guys not signed? - Cane, K-Rock NY Disc Jockey / VH1

They're all so infectious that you can't help but kick to them. - Kurt Torster, Striktly For Konissuers

Any record labels on the lookout for a band with the potential to hit it really BIG...might very well check out 10 Heads High. - www.babysue.com

This is a solid debut for a band that you'll be proud to say you listened to before they hit it big. - Matt Godfroy, Over The Limit

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The band’s beginnings can be traced to Long Island, where singer Marc Lombardo and guitarist Tommy Kohl were once guitarists in rival bands, and subsequently co-guitarists in the same band. Ultimately that project ran its course, but a friendship and partnership between Lombardo and Kohl rose from the ashes. They began writing songs and auditioning singers, but became frustrated with not being able to find the right voice for the songs. One day, Kohl simply turned to Lombardo, and said “You can sing this stuff, why don’t you be the singer?”

To catch Lombardo on stage now, with his cocky Jagger-like swagger and his strong early-Rod-Stewart-meets-Chris-Cornell set of pipes, you’d think he was born a frontman. He straps on a Fender Strat for a couple of songs, but prefers to leave the bulk of the guitar work these days to Kohl, a Telecaster-wielding classic guitar hero, an expert of textures and stomp-box flavors, like Page to Plant, a stoic icon of cool over on stage left.

Lombardo and Kohl found their bassist, Mike Borenstein and drummer, Brian King through successive ads in the Village Voice. Having had the common experience of being the standout member in all of their previous bands, the rhythm section of Borenstein and King bonded instantly. They bring a manic energy to the stage, yet a solid musical anchor to hold the songs down.

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