10-67 P.D.O.A. was formulated in a nefarious basement in 1993 by Alex Bacon. The first solo effort "10-67 P.D.O.A." was released April 25th 2000 and solely Alex performed on the demo. It is a paradigm of the band in its rawest form.

Between the years 2001-2002 Alex worked with Daniel Powell and Dean Kobus in Marinette, WI to gather even more songwriting capabilities. Together they contrived an "EP" that was conceived the 21st of December 2001. With Dan's hook-driven melodies and Alex's distinctive guitar riffs, the EP received much airplay through college radio stations and evening metal shows throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The third observation titled "R.I.P." is a compilation of 10 songs from the bands two previous CD's. It also features the last 2001 line-up recordings, "Imminent Death" and "Timeless Time" The fourth and current effort "Even the Dead Have Rights" is going to feature unreleased tracks and new tracks with Minneapolis based drummer Ramon.
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