H. Alston has been in the game for a good minute. Growing up in New Yorks Central Islip, Brooklyn, & Queens, the God is, to say the least, overdue for an album. He has performed with a number of established hip hop heads and legends. He's been offered deals by some of the most influential only to turn down many. He is in it for the craft and love of hip hop but is about his business which explains many of his declinations. He's performed at many night clubs, college venues, radio media, and other media outlets. No stranger to a stage, " the God H. Alston " is hailed as the Lowell Ave. aarsonist. Lactated Ringers isn't enough to bring his Burn victims back to life! This Artist is the CEO/ Producer/ Artist to his own production company. His Instrumentals and voice are incredible and compliment eachother well when ever in the same arena. He's been featured on wax a number of times both major and independent. H. Alston definitely spits fire and keeps new ni**as on their way out!

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Look out for these Artist to release Mix tape freestyles along w/ dub plates by The movements own Suga Bear. Also CD'S available for purchase along w/ T-shirts and other items in 100p catalog. E-mail for catalog( click e-mail under pic for catalog). Look for launch of RMG Authentic 2003 . 6th man contest also comming soon. And 100p contests to be announced. Also Check recording mag bulletin board for more services. Also for Beats or Contact, email (BeatsMeDownGod@hotmail.com) or Fax 100p Music @ 1-631-582-0339.

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