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Electronic - Electronica | Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Member Since: 2005
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music & pictures is a music production company comprised of a select group of composers from around the globe. We compose original music for a variety of content - primarily television and film - placed via partnerships with several production libraries and publishers.

Our music can be heard in television shows like "Law and Order," "The Mentalist," "Chicago Fire," "The Office," "Pawn Stars," "Smallville," "The Bernie Mac Show" and many others, worldwide.

I had the benefit of working in post-production for one of the longest-running and highest-rated daytime TV shows. Day in and day out I placed music into tape packages, working from scripts provided by Producers. That experience was priceless, and is applied to both composing and producing music and pictures' catalog.

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Latest News

"From the Delta to Detroit" (SCDV224) released in January, 2012 on SONOTON, authentic Delta Blues.

"Hip Mysteries" (SCD248)a unique compilation of tension and beautiful mystery, wrapped in post MODERN productions.

In early 2013, "OVER THE TOP HIP-HOP" (SCDV281), a collection of memorable hip-hop crossover pop, composed specifically for television and cinema.

"ONE WORLD - GLOBAL MASHUP" - SCDV 352 was released in mid-August, 2013 and is our most recent release on Sonoton


Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago to music + pictures

Very nice. Good for you.

May your success continue.


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

Thanks Nathaniel. I'm embarrassed, but that's just me. Your note from a ways back - struck a chord with lots of people - including me, and I can't tell you how many times I've looked at the "results" thinking maybe there was some kind of mistake! My songs weren't there...The first three years I subscribed to Broadjam, I had a total of ZERO tracks selected. What kind of an idiot would keep spending the time and money to keep trying? THIS kind of idiot...eventually some good things started to happen, and it just fed that hunger that I know you have, and I have - to just make an honest living DOING THIS.
Despite the successes, we still have a LONG, LONG way to go because - as you know - every day you've got to 'start over' and prove your work is better than the next 200 cuts the provider will listen to. Speaking of which - back into the lab...thanks for the note, Nate!


Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago


I had a moment of "wtf" after dumping 2 grand into my best work across several websites. Honestly... I'm over it though.

Right now its just "Shut up and show off" mode. I know my value... I don't need to be wildly successful to realise it. As of now... I'm just grateful to be doing what I love and what I'm good at.

It pleases me greatly to see Broadjam's newsletter mentioning your success in the aftermath of that "Teensy" psychotic snap. lol

Things are actually really good over this way. I'm currently in talks with several Australian publishers, clients are rolling in now that the studio has been significantly upgraded, and I've never been happier to be back in the game.

But yes... Even with every big win... There's an even bigger one right around the corner that begs to be earned. You have to stay focused, preserver, and never give up.

This business isn't for the thin skinned... Much like the bar business:)

Keep at it... Maybe we'll meet each other in a studio and work on a J.J. Abrams film together at some point:)

Wouldn't that be sweet eh?

Regardless. Proud of you... We all are.


Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

You know... If you'd ever like to do a collab, I'd be willing to wave my fees for an opportunity to just put a great production out into the world.

I've been busy the last week. Learning all of the new tools I just upgraded the studio with. If you'd like to dissect anything I'd be happy to throw you some stems.


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

Thank you for that generous offer. WHAT kind of tools did you recently get for the studio? Talk tech! ...but anyway, your absolutely right about dealing with TODAY and the good things happening with your studio and your business. It's SO competitive out here and creating a "sound" that's yours (and yours alone) so imperative. Fill me in when you can regarding the studio and the tools you're working with, Nate - and thanks again for your kind words -


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

- By the way I would LOVE to work on a J.J. Abrams film soundtrack with you!!!!:) WHAT a GREAT IDEA.

Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

Recently purchased awesomeness.

Nectar 2
Stutter edit (THANK YOU BT)

Komplete Ultimate:
@#$% my face there's sooooo much.

Wave's and Serato upgrades.

Reason 7.0, Pro-Tools 11, iMac 4 core i7 3.5 ghz. 32 Gigs of ram.

Genelec 8040s pair. (EAR CRACK!!!)

My sound incorporates all of the industry standards, and then.... I make it my own:)

Swing by brother. I just updated my top 5 to represent a very definitive collection that doesn't repeat. I've got a small team of go to artists that do amazing things for me. But in the end... Its all about the art, and sometimes I feel like my work is the last line involved.

I'm not gonna bullshit you though... Just swing by and listen. It'll all become very clear as you move from one production to the next.

Never mind the audiobook I'm producing that desperately needs soundtracks and vocal talent.

Nah... If you have the time... I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.


Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

What are some of your favourite tools of the trade? I'm always looking for new toys to exploit my craft with.


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

Nate, you're probably more into the gear than I - my setup with Pro Tools is pretty basic. I've spent time over the years working on 'SOUNDS' - from drums to brass to guitars, collecting and modifying, and these help my mixes sound decent-to-good. But only have a few xtra plug-ins Waves UltraMX, Multi-Rack and Sound grid. I take care to maximize signals at every step of the recording process - but that's about it. My sound modules are KORG, the sampled library East-West.

Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

I have East-West as well. I love their platinum orchestra collection.

And yes... Getting big sound isn't just about mastering, its done in stages from the origins of sound design, into the mix, and beyond with the mastering.

If you can't get a mix to sound great without mastering, you're missing a step in the process, and should consider re-evaluating your approach.

Obviously you know better already:)

I like your modesty. Its a great quality to see in successful individuals and something I struggle with on occasion being I've spent half of my life being beaten down... These days I'm realising its not about proving something though, its just about doing good work.

Do you remix? How about adapt or arrange current beds?


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago


I've done some remixing a ways back, but these days just focusing on writing and mixing my stuff - and then of course shopping it - not enough time in the day for that it seems. I also do quite a bit of critical listening - guys on my team send their work and I try to offer worthwhile feedback.

Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

Team? Tell me about your team. What kind of goals do you and your team focus on these days.

Critical listening? Sounds like a great gig that not only connects you with other artists but could potentially help support your music submissions if you do it often enough. Who do you typically cater to?

Worthwhile feedback is something all of us need on occasion.

Not enough of it in this business to be honest.


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

Nate - please forward your personal email again if you don't mind - this information I'd rather share directly. Thanks.

Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago


Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

If you'd like we can Skype at any time too. Saves on the 2 dimensional BS I refer to as "misinterpretation."


music + pictures posted over 30 days ago to music + pictures

WE'VE MADE "The Way We Run Things" available for sale! Contribute to your favorite artists' milk money, by purchasing this one-of-a-kind slammin, jammin funky track!


Warned / Island / Spliff nice nice work ...........kenney

music + pictures posted over 30 days ago

Thank you Uncle Spider. It's so damn hard to figure out what the heck our "opportunity providers" really want, that it's an artform in itself just becoming a good interpreter of the listings! We keep trying, and do our best to fill the needs listed in the music licensing pages...Thanks again for your encouraging words, and best of luck to you and the rest of the Electric Dirt Clods...I love the name of your band! Sent it to my brother last night, and got a similar response. Keep on keepin' on.

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