"The Winged Horse of Love" for Kazakh dombra

This song is for all my friends in Kazakhstan, where I've been visiting over the past few years while working on a project. It is played on a dombra (or dombyra), a Kazakh "lute" that is very ancient but still the national instrument of Kazakhstan. Traditionally, during courtship, any Kazakh worth their salt would be expected to compose a love song accompanied by the dombra as an expression of love. This is my take on that tradition, the lyrics incorporating traditional Kazakh imagery. This was recorded "live" at home--me playing the dombra and singing on a single take of a stereo track. I later added an additional dombra track to thicken the rhythms (the percussion is just me knocking on the dombra top). I also added a discrete bass line and the electric guitar--making this, I guess, an "alternative dombra" track. --The guitar is my '78 Guild S-60 --The dombra is made of birch with a Tien Shan spruce top. Many thanks to Laura Paluanova and her husband Oscar for helping me select my dombra in Kazakhstan and for Laura's instruction and her wonderful playing! ...............Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4vER6YNVdI

Director Timothy Walsh
Credits Words and music by Timothy Walsh..... Production and photography by Timothy Walsh..... Videography by Barbara Walsh..... Thanks to all my friends in Kazakhstan!
Associated Song "The Winged Horse of Love" for Kazakh dombra

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