4 out of 4 cuts from Nikki Hornsby Video Highlights

Colony Cable TV Interview Dialogue about famous Grandfather & Bruce Hornsby Crazyhorse Awards Show Performance (song) Eighteen Wheels ( seconds of a cover tune) Palomino Club Benefit Performance (seconds of a cover song) Good Hearted Woman Westminister Park CA Casual (seconds of a cover song) One Promise too Late Credit Spot Overlay **Don Jeffrey, KIK FM Radio Program Director 11/89 original song "Hot Talkin Big Shot".

Director CJPStaff/Nikki Hornsby
Credits The original 20 min. video career highlights was a product that was sold only to fan club members and sold out years ago. YouTube would not accept 20 mins for a video upload so CJPStaff cut into four parts. This is the 4th section for viewers. This was here once but now it's available online search: https://vimeo.com/58311695 Vimeo has the entire 20 mins. plus there are the 1 of 1 to 4 of 4 parts on YouTube.com with entering Nikki Hornsby videos in search line.

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