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This is our Welcome Video for JAM - Janesville Apostolic Ministries. Pastor Jeff Hanson and Pastor Mike Batinich lead the flock with love and compassion. And miracles signs and wonders follow those who believe. We have seen people healed from heart disease, cancer, and more. Join us! Janesville Apostolic Ministries patterns its self after the first church as described in the Book of Acts. We believe in continuing "steadfastly in the Apostles' doctrine." Our commitment is reflected through prayer, devotion, and discipleship. Our worship entertains the presence of GOD. Janesville Apostolic Ministries is a place you can be edified, exhorted, comforted, and grow in the knowledge and Spirit of GOD.

Director Bob Rasmussen
Credits Music "New Day" by Diana Rasmussen JAM 2300 S Jackson St. Janesville, WI 53546 www.janesvilleapostolicministries.org

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