Whatever It Takes

"Whatever It Takes" is the first in a series of Jay Della Valle "medicine songs." This particular song incorporates a very powerful mantra used in the Ancient Hawaiian healing practice Ho'Oponopono. "It's really a very simple and beautiful modification in the way I live my life and I'm grateful for my friend Cari Cole who encouraged me to read "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale, a book that taught me about Ho'oponopono and literally shifted my perspective surrounding the idea of what it means to "take responsibility" for everything that is perceived in one's life. Listen to "Whatever It Takes" with an open heart and let it help heal whatever in you needs a little healing.

Director Antonio Suriano
Credits Music Video Directed by Antonio Suriano Song Credits: Jay Della Valle- Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics (www.dellavallemusic.com) @dellavalle Shelly Riff- Producer, Co-Writer, Keys, Percussion, Arrangements (www.shellyriff.com) @shellyriff1 Bruce Gatewood- Guitars Hanan Rubinstein- Mixing Jim Kissling- Mastering Copyright 2015 Della Valle Music LLC ASCAP Cover Art work by Emin Sinanyan www.AmberdDesign.com
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