Email Broadcasts: Season 4 - teaser

Okay, so this Email Broadcasts thing is an ongoing pit to dump the creative writings and thinkings of my friend Lars Rowberg and me. The whole thing has really just been in the midst of our circle of friends from high school, but seeing as the teaser turned out real nice, I figured Id upload it to here to show off a little bit of directoral ability on my part. Most of the sounds and stuff are just loops because I didnt want to pump a whole lot of time into it, but I did put together the Space Needle vector and I mixed everything together in Cakewalk Home Studio 2 (for the audio) and Macromedia Flash MX (for the video). The microphone symbol comes out of the Webdings font (Im pretty sure) and has served as the logo for the Email Broadcasts since the beginning. Oh, and I apologize for the stretching. The original video was widescreen. Ill try to get around to encoding a new version of the video with bars on the top and bottom so that the whole thing isnt all skewed and stuff.

Director Daniel Wiessner

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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