Existence From The One Sun

This song speaks straight to the heart. This actually goes on in our lives on a daily basis. Yes, we are being bombarded by Cosmic Rays of energy, bombarding everyone. These light energies can trigger codes which are in your DNA. Do you know what DNA is? It carries your genetic codes. We have a 2 strand DNA, when we were meant to have 12 strands. To some, its only 9, but nevertheless, us Spiritual Beings were designed to operate in 9 dimensions. This song is a gift of thanks to the greatest being in my book! Did you know that the Sun is Nuclear? Well its true. Their explosions are more powerful than an Atomic Bomb. Can you imagine all those Nuclear explosions going off 24/7. What awesome power! And yes, you can create a relationship with the Sun for better days. I know this may sound funny, but I guarantee its not. Have a conversation with the Sun sometime. Im sure youll find him interested in getting to know you better.

Director Michael Flatt

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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