Spiral Violet 1 presentation

Bruce presents the Spiral Violet 1 vision, unified field theory and technology, introducing the breakthrough concepts of the photo-psychic effect, consciousness amplification, localized cellular time-reversal and the holographic storage of memory in water and the brain, the integrative paradigm shift of our time. (This is a Power Point-type reading, while Bruce is working on a live talk series at CMAC Television to simplify these concepts and make this more accessible to the public.) Bruce's device is a 4D space-time graviton laser energetically projecting the biological cells and tissues backwards through their path of differentiation through space-time, "prior" to damage or infection. Such a spinning plasma tube device previously reversed cancerous tumors, heart disease and restored damaged immune systems and was suppressed by Big Pharma corruption. Bruce's device communicates more efficiently with the brain and spinning DNA in the cells by projecting the plasma tube emissions through spinning water. For clarification, the original unified field theory or "quantum gravity" vision took place in 1989, then further envisioned and the first prototype built the same week Ryan White lay dying with Elton John in attendance in the hospital adjacent to Bruce's lab in Indianapolis in 1990. This changed both Bruce's and Elton John's lives forever, yet the coming cure for AIDS and the emerging respiratory viruses, such as the hantavirus Bruce is published on and COVID-19, still has yet to be delivered, due to Big Pharma threats against Bruce's biophysics peers in France blocking proof of concept many years ago.

Director Bruce Anderson
Credits Bruce Anderson 2012

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